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სოციალური ეკომომიკა
სრული შინაარსი 
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Problems of Theory of Economy TEIMURAZ KANDASHVILI, ECATHERINE KOCHLAMAZASHVILI Some of the Psychological Impact of Advertising  010 
Problems of Theory of Economy VAKHTANG DATASHVILI, MAKA BUGHULASHVILI, NATO CHIKVILADZE Imitating modeling of financial and economic activities of consulting firm 013 
Problems of Theory of Economy GIORGI KOZMAVA Transnational Companies and Globalized Economy 019 
Economic Issues of Georgia BESARION PARTSVANIA  International Projects and Program Evaluation (In English) 024 
Economic Issues of Georgia PAATA KOGHUASHVILI, GIORGI TETRADZE Related Spheres of Agribusiness in Economy and their Importance of Integration in Macro Economy 028 
Economic Issues of Georgia TSIALA LOMAIA, ELEONORA LAGVILAVA Procedure of selection of human resources in “Georgian Water and Power” LLC and “Telasi” JSC 031 
Economic Issues of Georgia GIORGI TETRADZE Resources and Technological Potential of Agribusiness in Georgia 042 
Management and Marketing VAKHTANG DATASHVILI, MAKA BUGHULASHVILI, NATO CHIKVILADZE Efficiency evaluation of consulting system on the basis of system of the balanced sizes 046 
Management and Marketing TINA MELQOSHVILI Questions of improvement of management of educational process in higher educational institutions on the example of GTU 052 
Management and Marketing NAIRA GALAKHVARIDZE Production management and environmental health 055 
Banks and Finance MERAB VANISHVILI, IRMA LOMADZE, DAVID KHACHAPURIDZE The bank’s own capital adequacy assessment methods 060 
Banks and Finance LEILA DOLIDZE Formation of the financial plan of commercial bank 067 
Banks and Finance JABA BERADZE Features of the development of the internal audit system of banking – financial activities control system 070 
Investments and Innovations IRAKLI LASHKHI Analysis of the international experience of management of innovative processes in credit institutions  075 
Investments and Innovations IRAKLI JANGAVADZE The role and importance of effective State innovative policy in the world 081 
Problems of Small Business NANI MAMPORIA Small Business in GEORGIA 087 
Problems of Tourism NINO LETANDZE Topical issues of an economic safety of tourism (financial safety) 092 
Problems of Tourism NINO LETANDZE Risks and problems of the organization of tourism 098 
Problems of Architecture MZIA MILASHVILI, MIRANDA SHAMILADZE, MARIAM TSIKLAURI Last, real and future of entrances of old Tbilisi 102 
New Books PAATA LEIASHVILI Summary of book of prof. R. Asatiani “Where is Georgia Going? Conceptual Analysis of Socio -Economic Development” 106 
Congratulation  PARMEN LEMONJAVA - 80 108 
Addition to the Magazine KARLO GHURTSKAIA, KARLO GHURTSKAIA, TATIA GHURTSKAIA  Course of Lectures, Subject 5 111 
Addition to the Magazine KARLO GHURTSKAIA, KARLO GHURTSKAIA, TATIA GHURTSKAIA Course of Lectures, Subject 6 124 
Addition to the Magazine KARLO GHURTSKAIA, KARLO GHURTSKAIA, TATIA GHURTSKAIA Course of Lectures, Subject 7 134 
Addition to the Magazine BESARION PARTSVANIA Course of Lectures, Subject 1 -2 141 
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