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სოციალური ეკომომიკა
სრული შინაარსი 
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SectionAuthorsDescriptionPage Number
Problems of Social Economy PAATA KOGHUASHVILI, DAVID ZARDIASHVILI On the Georgian Status of the Village 010 
Problems of Theory of Economy KOBA SOKHADZE About some functions of the state in the course of forming of basic economy in Georgia  017 
Problems of Theory of Economy KHATUNA KHARKHELAURI Vertical and horizontal analysis of financial statements 020 
Problems of Theory of Economy PAATA KOGHUASHVILI, LASHA ZIVZIVADZE The main calls of agricultural cooperative on the basis of Vashlara's cooperative 026 
Problems of Theory of Economy SHOTA QVACHAKIDZE Effective tasks of management of information security 029 
Problems of Theory of Economy DAVID GEGIA Economic Policy Automation Systems Experience 032 
Economic Issues of Georgia TINA MELQOSHVILI Factors and tendencies of development of the electronic government 038 
Economic Issues of Georgia NODAR DZIDZIKASHVILI, KOBA KIKABIDZE, NANA NADAREISHVILI Foresight – the Instrument of Determining National Development Priorities 046 
Economic Issues of Georgia ILGAR VALIEV  The report of elasticity of leasing of the Georgian population on minibuses 051 
Economic Issues of Georgia GRIGOL ZUBIASHVILI Essence and importance of a brand for the Georgian winemaking 055 
Management and Marketing VAKHTANG DATASHVILI, MAKA BUGHULASHVILI, NATO CHIKVILADZE System of organizational structures of management of consulting activity 061 
Management and Marketing NAIRA GALAKHVARIDZE Material - technical supply and management of some aspects of the ecology 067 
Management and Marketing LUARA GVAJAIA Professional education of personnel in organization 073 
Management and Marketing TAMAR GHAMBASHIDZE, NATALIA CHANTURIA Modern accents of the activities international organizations 077 
Management and Marketing VAKHTANG DATASHVILI, MAKA BUGHULASHVILI, NATO CHIKVILADZE Analysis of efficiency of activity of the consulting organizations 084 
Management and Marketing TSIALA LOMAIA, ELEONORA LAGVILAVA Essence and importance of a brand for the Georgian winemaking 095 
Management and Marketing MAYA CHECHELASHVILI, SOPIKO DEKANOSIDZE Management Tools Used for the Georgian - Style Management Systems 098 
Management and Marketing TORNIKE GURULI Analysis of Marketing Campaigns Effectiveness Case Study - Pharmaceutical Retailers 102 
Management and Marketing NAIRA GALAKHVARIDZE Industrial environmental management 108 
Management and Marketing TSIALA LOMAIA, ELEONORA LAGVILAVA  Foreign Countries Experience of Staff Recruitment 114 
Management and Marketing EKA KOPLATADZE Recently the made changes and tendencies of development in the international regulation of pharmaceutical business 120 
Banks and Financies AKAKI GVARUTSIDZE, GIORGI TSAAVA Modern trends in policy implementation new products and banking services Innovation  124 
Investments and Innovations TAMAR DEVIDZE Innovation policy of the state role in healthcare system 130 
Investments and Innovations BAQAR BERUASHVILI The analysis and assessment of the real investments made in Georgia 134 
Problems of Tourism TEMUR ZOIDZE Batumi historical documentary, literary resources and tourist routes 141 
Congratulation  HENRY KUPRASHVILI - 70 145 
Congratulation  SHOTA KHIZILASHVILI - 85 150 
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