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სოციალური ეკომომიკა
სრული შინაარსი 
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SectionAuthorsDescriptionPage Number
Problems of Theory of Economy VAKHTANG DATASHVILI, TINA MELKOSHVILI, NATO CHIKVILADZE Technique of an assessment of information and analytical projects of the electronic government 010 
Problems of Theory of Economy MERAB VANISHVILI, KAKHABER JGENTI Corporate management problems and potential solutions in Georgia 029 
Problems of Theory of Economy NATIA GURASHVILI Workability Change in Life Cycle and its Management 034 
Economic Issues of Georgia PARMEN LEMONJAVA, AKAKI GVARUTSIDZE, NATO CHIKVILADZE The Meaning of Scientific -technical Progress Management in Process of Rational Use of Nature 039 
Economic Issues of Georgia TAMAR DEVIDZE, GIORGI GURESHIDZE Accomplishment mechanisms of healthcare management in Georgia 049 
Management and Marketing LUARA GVAJAIA, KETEVAN SHONIA Instruments of Management of Economy 054 
Management and Marketing NODAR TSANAVA, NANI MAMPORIA Analysis of a financial condition of firm 059 
Management and Marketing TINATIN IASHVILI Methodological strategy of conflictology 067 
Management and Marketing KAKHABER JGENTI Peculiarities of the development of the national model of corporate governance  070 
Management and Marketing CATHERINE MOTSONELIDZE The characteristics of organization, its financing and management of medical service 077 
Investments and Innovations LAMARA QOQIAURI, MARIAM DATASHVILI Once Again About Investment (In English) 085 
Investments and Innovations LEVAN MIKAVA Municipal Investment Policy 093 
Investments and Innovations TEA KVABZIRIDZE, LASHA BAGRATIONI, NATO NATROSHVILI Economic and Legal Mechanisms for the Implementation of the Investment Activities of the Government 099 
Investments and Innovations MERAB KELENJERIDZE The defining factors of development of economy at innovative and fiscal policy (In Russian) 105 
Investments and Innovations NATELA JANELIDZE Manpower as bases of the investment decision 112 
Banks and Finances GIORGI KHANTADZE Features of the Risks of Influence in Bank System 117 
Banks and Finances LASHA MURJIKNELI Financial control structure in Georgian public financial system 121 
Banks and Finances ILIA CHIBIROV Process of Projects Funding by World Bank 125 
Problems of Branch Economy NODAR TSANAVA Analysis of profitability of firm 130 
Problems of Branch Economy MARINE OKROMCHEDLIDZE Success and failure of the construction business in Georgia 135 
Problems of Branch Economy TSIALA LOMAIA, EKA DARCHIASHVILI Economic reforms and evolution of management of the organization 139 
Problems of Tourism NAIRA GALAKHVARIDZE Ecotourism and ecological risk factors 142 
Psychology and Conflictology KSISTOF LUKIANOVIC The internal situation in the Georgian breakaway region of Abkhazia and potential development of processes in the context of Georgian security 148 
Economic Terminology BADRI TSKHADADZE, YEVGENY BARATASHVILI, VAKHTANG DATASHVILI On the Origin of Several Economic Synonymous Concepts - Terms Having One Content 155 
The New Books ANZOR BABUKHADIA Interesting work for all 159 
The New Books IASHA MESKHIA The reference book about economy of Georgia 162 
Addition to the Magazine KARLO GHURTSKAIA, KARLO GHURTSKAIA, TATIA GHURTSKAIA Course of Lectures, Subject 13 169 
Addition to the Magazine KARLO GHURTSKAIA, KARLO GHURTSKAIA, TATIA GHURTSKAIA Course of Lectures, Subject 14 188 
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