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SectionAuthorsDescriptionPage Number
Problems of Social Economy ROZETA ASATIANI Economy of Georgia through the prism of the new world order (In Russian) 010 
Problems of Theory of Economy MERAB VANISHVILI, NINO VANISHVILI Public private partnership in the implementation of the obstacles and the prospects of Georgia 017 
Problems of Theory of Economy ZURAB VASHAKIDZE, MARINA DIASAMIDZE, ANA VASHAKIZE The modern theories and the characteristics of Investment 025 
Problems of Theory of Economy RAMAZ OTINASHVILI, GIORGI KURDIANI Importance of intellectual property protection effective mechanisms 031 
Problems of Theory of Economy G. IASHVILI, B. SHERAZADISHVILI Effectively management of time in organizations 034 
Problems of Theory of Economy ELENE MENABDE-JOBADZE Comparative economic method in the history of economics and history of economic thought 037 
Problems of Theory of Economy ZURAB NAPISHVILI, NIZAMI KHASIMOV Pier Le Pezan De Buagilber and development of the concept of national income (In Russian) 042 
Management and Marketing GUGULI KHURASHVILI, ANA BOLQVADZE Electronic communications - Internet access in Georgia 046 
Management and Marketing EVGENI BARATASHVILI, IRMA MAKHARASHVILI Meaning of time-management in business 050 
Management and Marketing TSIALA LOMAIA, ELEONORA LAGVILAVA Directions of industrial innovative clusters in business 053 
Management and Marketing GIGLA GABAIDZE, GIORGI GABAIDZE Leadership style - one of the important conditions for the effective management of labor personnel 059 
Management and Marketing MALKHAZ NIKOLASVILI Online marketing peculiarities 065 
Management and Marketing GEDANI IASHVILI, VAKHTANG DATASHVILI, TINA MELQOSHVILI Formation and implementation of e-government’s organizational aspects 068 
Economic Issues of Georgia NUGZAR NAVADZE, SABA MEBAGISHVILI The reasons of Traffic Jam and measures of eradication 072 
Economic Issues of Sector Economy NANA SAMSONIA, TAMAR TSERETELI, BELA CHANTURIDZE Georgia’s foreign relations of energy processes 078 
Economic Issues of Sector Economy TARIEL KIKVADZE, DAVID GEGIA Leontiev’s intersectoral balance model using MS OFFICE Excel tools 083 
Investments and Innovations LUARA GVAJAIA The modern organizational forms of innovative infrastructure 087 
Taxation LEVAN ATUASHVILI Importance of value added tax and its peculiarities 091 
Accounting and Audit GELA CHADUNELI Financial improprieties, their identification and classification in a Business 097 
Banks and Finances GIORGI KHANTADZE Conceptual directions of an asset management in banking business 101 
Problems of Law GIVI ABASHIDZE Sources of criminal procedural law 105 
Problems of Law TINATIN DEVDARIANI Review of legal regulation of notarial system 109 
Problems of Law MAIA SULKHANISHVILI The legal value of final (solid) presumptions and fictions 117 
Problems of Tourism NANA NADAREISHVILI On the question of tourism planning in Georgia 121 
History of Economy MARINA TOPCHISHVILI The history of Georgian soft drinks brands - Lagidze waters 129 
New Books  TAMAZ BAKRADZE 136 
Addition of the Magazine KARLO GHURTSKAIA, TATIA GHURTSKAIA, KARLO GHURTSKAIA Course of Lectures, Subject 10 142 
Addition of the Magazine NODAR TSANAVA For Students 163 
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