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SectionsAuthorsDescriptionPage Number
 PAATA KOGUASHVILI Decade Isn't Required That The Georgian Ground Appeared In Hands Of Foreigners! 010 
Problems of Social Economy TAMAR BERIDZE, ZURAB BAKHTURIDZE Question of Differentiation of Increase of Population 012 
Problems of Social Economy NATO NATROSHVILI, MARINA TOPCHISHVILI Business Development and Level of Living of the Population in the Regions of Georgia 018 
Problems of Theory of Economy PARMEN LEMONJAVA, LASHA MURJIKNELI Problems of Knowledge of the Interconnected Processes in Integration System of Ecology and Economy 021 
Problems of Theory of Economy EDUARD KAVTIDZE Tendency of Improvement of Allocation Relationships 024 
Problems of Theory of Economy MAIA BENIA Sharing of experience of Visegrad's group on the road to the European Union 027 
Problems of Theory of Economy DAVID KERESELIDZE Modernization of the state budget: Problems and some results 036 
Problems of Theory of Economy KSENIA ZAKHAROVA Interrelation with Efficiency of Antimonopoly Regulation of Financial Agreements and State Economic Security 039 
Economic Issues of Georgia VAKHTANG DATASHVILI, LASHA KHORGUANI, QETINO SHONIA State Role in the Conditions of a Transitional Economy 043 
Economic Issues of Georgia TAMAR KHINIKADZE Stages of Development of State Regulation of Stock Market 054 
Economic Issues of Georgia OLEG BASHARULI, PAATA KOGUASHVILI The Perspectives of Plural Energetics System Development of Georgia 059 
Economic Issues of Georgia NODAR SAMKHARADZE, MARIAM KAPANADZE Problems of the External Economic Relations of Georgia 065 
Economic Issues of Georgia DAVID KERESELIDZE Democratization of the Budgeting Process 070 
Management and Marketing VAKHTANG DATASHVILI, LASHA KHORGUANI Role of Modern Management in Effective Development of the Organization 073 
Management and Marketing GENADI IASHVILI, SALOME KHUBANEISHVILI Some Questions of Business-psychology and Cultures of the Organization of the Producer 088 
Management and Marketing VAKHTANG DATASHVILI, TAMAR KHINIKADZE, QETINO SHONIA Analysis of Modern Position of the Georgian Stock Market 091 
Management and Marketing TSIALA LOMAIA, EKA DARCHIASHVILI Leadership in System of Modern Management 102 
Management and Marketing VAKHTANG DATASHVILI, IRAKLI PAPAVA Business Environment and State Role in its Improvement 109 
Management and Marketing SHALVA KERESELIDZE, DAVID KERESELIDZE The Essence of the Taxes and Their Origins 115 
Management and Marketing ANA KATUKIA Motivation Paradigms Compared Mamagement 118 
Management and Marketing LASHA GUGUASHVILI Outsourcing of Business-processes - Progressive Methodology of Modern Management 124 
Management and Marketing VALERI KATUKIA Institutional and Administrative Transformations and Georgian Reality 133 
Banks, Accounting and Audit GIORGI TSAAVA, TAMAR SAKVARELIDZE Interaction is a Key Factor in the Bank’s Operational Risk and Reliability Issues 140 
Banks, Accounting and Audit MAIA ALADASHVILI, NANULI KHIZANISHVILI Risk Management in Banking System 147 
Investments and Innovations  TEONA BAQANIDZE, MAGDA BAQANIDZE Investments and Attractiveness of Investment 150 
Investments and Innovations  MARIAM KHACHIDZE Foreign Investments and Investment Funds in the Conditions of Globalization and Internationalization 153 
Problems of Small Business TAMAR BERIDZE, ZURAB BAKHTURIDZE Profit of the Home Enterprises and Standard of Living of Families 156 
Problems of Small Business KATE DOREULI The Importance of Small and Medium Businesses for the Development of Georgian Regions 162 
Problems of Law SALOME PIRVELI Historical and Legal Preconditions for Establishing Property Rights 165 
History of Economic View GIORGI MALASHKHIA, AKAKI GVARUTSIDZE Grand Ilya - theArchitect of Human Life 168 
Modern Issues of Georgia GIORGI BAGATURIA Information War Against Georgia 176 
Addition of Magazine KARLO I. GHURTSKAIA, KARLO K. GHURTSKAIA, TATIA GHURTSKAIA Course of Lectures, Subject 4 182 
Addition of Magazine KARLO I. GHURTSKAIA, KARLO K. GHURTSKAIA, TATIA GHURTSKAIA Course of Lectures, Subject 5 201 
Addition of Magazine KARLO I. GHURTSKAIA, KARLO K. GHURTSKAIA, TATIA GHURTSKAIA Course of Lectures, Subject 6 223 
Addition of Magazine KARLO I. GHURTSKAIA, KARLO K. GHURTSKAIA, TATIA GHURTSKAIA Course of Lectures, Subject 7 238 
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