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სოციალური ეკომომიკა
სრული შინაარსი Social Economics

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SectionAuthorsDescriptionPage Number
Problems of Social Economy GIORGI MALASHKHIA Requirements, Consumption, Squandering 010 
Problems of Social Economy ROZETA ASATIANI. Obligation of studying economics of the public sector in Georgia’s higher educational institutions 026 
Problems of Theory of Economy PARMEN LEMONJAVA, NINO VANISHVILI. Public - Private Partnership schemes in the infrastructure projects of Central and Eastern European countries 039 
Problems of Theory of Economy AKAKI GVARUTSIZE. State regulation of innovative economics (experience of foreign countries) 050 
Problems of Theory of Economy TAMAR VANISHVILI. Features of formation of human capital and organizational behaviour 057 
Problems of Theory of Economy NANI MAMFORIA. The competition - incentive of improvement of economy 060 
Problems of Theory of Economy NINO VANISHVILI. The peculiarities of public - private partnership projects in developing countries 063 
Problems of Theory of Economy VALERI KATUKIA.  Providing institutional support to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), problems and impeding factors 069 
Problems of Globalization TEONA BAKANIDZE. Globalization and information technologies in business 072 
Economic Issues of Georgia NODAR TSANAVA. Economic security of Georgia in the modern global world and prospects of its improvement 075 
Economic Issues of Georgia GENADI IASHVILI, IRAKLI MANVELIDZE. Institutional frameworks for establishing electronic governance in Georgia 087 
Management and Marketing NINO LAZVIASHVILI. Corporation in Georgian and foreign law 091 
Management and Marketing RAMAZ OTINASHVILI, ILIA PAPASHVILI. Competitive investigation and management 097 
Banks, Accounting and Audit GIORGI KHANTADZE. Features of credit portfolio management 101 
Banks, Accounting and Audit EDUARD KAVTIDZE, QETINO SHONIA. Distribution and administration of payments in Georgia 106 
Banks, Accounting and Audit MAIA ALADASHVILI. Importance of credit operations and credit portfolio analysis in risk management 109 
Banks, Accounting and Audit SOPIKO MIKABADZE.  Human resources in banking 112 
Banks, Accounting and Audit DAVIT NACHKHEBIA. The automated banking systems and the software of bank operations 115 
Banks, Accounting and Audit EDUARD KAVTIDZE, KETINO SHONIA. Role of budget in profit distribution 119 
Banks, Accounting and Audit MAIA ALADASHVILI, NANA RINKIASHVILI. Components of credit risk in commercial banks and their regulation 122 
Banks, Accounting and Audit LAMARA QOQIAURI. Investments and Innovations Definition of priority of investigative and innovative activity 125 
Banks, Accounting and Audit LASHA BAGRATIONI. Characteristics of investment activity and mechanisms to ensure them (In Russian) 135 
Banks, Accounting and Audit NINO QOQIAURI. Transformations and Innovations 140 
Banks, Accounting and Audit LUARA GVAJAIA. Strategic management of innovations 147 
Banks, Accounting and Audit MARIAM KHACHIDZE. Direct foreign investments and their influence on the economic growth of the recipient countries 154 
Problems of Economy’s History KOBA SOKHADZE. Feudal management and feudal system 158 
Problems of Tourism NODAR SAMKHARADZE. Questions of formation of tourist clusters in Georgia 163 
At Sources of a World Civilization ALIKO TSINTSADZE. Iberian-Caucasian civilization (reconstruction of history of pre-Christian Georgia, fragment) 166 
Demographic Problems TSIALA LOMAIA, QETINO SHONIA. Family and Georgia’s demographic situation 173 
Problems of Law SHOTA DVALISHVILI. International standards as prevention methodological principles of Juvenile Crime 177 
Problems of Law MAMUKA MDINARADZE. Competition in Georgian law and Its provokes 182 
Problems of Ecology PARMEN LEMONJAVA, VAKHTANG DATASHVILI. Concrete solutions of ecological problems 185 
Problems of Ecology KARLO I. GHURTSKAIA, KARLO K. GHURTSKAIA, TATIA GHURTSKAIA. Course of lectures, subject 3 186 
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