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სოციალური ეკომომიკა
სრული შინაარსი 

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SectionAuthorsDescriptionPage Number
Problems of Social Economy ANZOR ABRALAVA. Effect of innovations on business and social economics 010 
Problems of Social Economy IOSEB ARCHVADZE Post Soviet Countries in the Period after receiving Independence (comparison of 2012 with 1990) 015 
Problems of Social Economy TAMAZ BAKRADZE, IRAKLI TSERETELI The ways of speed-up of the economical development and restoration of just taxation in Georgia 028 
Problems of Social Economy EDUARD KAVTIDZE Some questions in relation to work in the conditions of the market relations 033 
Problems of Social Economy ZVIAD TSKHADADZE, BADRI TSKHADADZE, EKA KUPHUNIA-TSKHADADZE Georgian Crisis and Self-Destruction 036 
Problems of Social Economy LALI ZEINKLISHVILI Social Responsibility and Ethics 041 
Problems of Social Economy MERAB VANISHVILI, NINO VANISHVILI, DAVIT KHACHAPURIDZE The social security system of Georgian and its impact on poverty 045 
Problems of Social Economy TSIALA LOMAIA The family management in Georgian Culture 051 
Problems of Theory of Economy GODERDZI TABATADZE, GELA LOBJANIDZE Economic science and religion in the conditions of globalization 062 
Problems of Theory of Economy GIORGI MALASHKHIA About a new paradigm of the theory of welfare (In Russian) 069 
Problems of Theory of Economy KAKHABER TSIMINTIA Main Problems of Teaching “Microeconomics” 075 
Economic Issues of Georgia PAATA KOGHUASHVILI, SHOTA CHKHEIDZE Food Safety, the Primary Duty of the Government 077 
Economic Issues of Georgia NANA SAMSONIA, TAMAR TSERETELI, BELA CHANTURIDZE Development of processes of the foreign energy relations in energy-supply of Georgia 088 
Management and Marketing GURAM JOLIA, QETEVAN JOLIA Cognitive Approach – New Paradigm in Marketing 093 
Management and Marketing BADRI GECHBAIA Formation of the international clusters as factor of increase of competitiveness economies of the countries of central Caucasus 105 
Management and Marketing LAMARA QOQIAURI Intellectual potential of a company and its evaluation (In English) 111 
Management and Marketing NATO CHIKVILADZE, LASHA KAKULIA Objective need of comparative management 125 
Management and Marketing GENADI IASHVILI, BESARION SHERAZADISHVILI Theoretical bases of the management of service quality 132 
Banks and Finances LAMARA QOQIAURI Main Postulates Of Security Emission Theory 136 
Banks and Finances GELA TKHESHELASHVILI, SALOME KHIFIANI Global economic processes and Georgian Ports 153 
Banks and Finances  MAIA ALADASHVILI Insurance of Deposits in the Banking System of Georgia 157 
Banks and Finances EVGENI ALIMPIIEV Financial regulation of economy through channels of budget deficit and public debt (In English) 160 
Accounting and Audit GIORGI TSAAVA, NATO CHIKVILADZE Training-workshop business related features Financial Management in Small Business 167 
Accounting and Audit YURIY PRYSIAZHNIUK, ROKSOLANA PASLAVSKA For the evaluation of the tax administration system in Ukraine (In Russian) 175 
Investments and Innovations ALEKO KUTATELADZE, MAIA KALIASHVILI International Investment Projects Efficiency Foreseen Economic Risks 180 
Investments and Innovations ALEKO KUTATELADZE, MAIA KALIASHVILI Economic Effectsin Foreign Direct Investment and Georgian Co-investment Fund 184 
Problems of Branch Economy G.AMKHOLADZE, M.LOMSADZE-KUCHAVA, J. DUGLADZE Inovetive process in the energy companies 188 
Problems of Ecology PARMEN LEMONJAVA. The level of life of the society and its relation with the environmental protection and reproduction 191 
Health Care and Statistics IULIA ONIANI Statistical Analysis of Population Morbidity 198 
Regards   MIKHEIL ROKETLISHVILI is 85 years old 206 
New Books  Exchange of thoughts round new books of GIORGI MALASXIAS 207 
New Books  ISIDORE JANELIDZE Gun - to the armorer, the armorer - to the village 209 
Addition of Magazine MERAB VANISHVILI, VAKHTANG DATASHVILI, DAVIT KHACHAPURIDZE Course of lectures, subject 11 215 
Addition of Magazine MERAB VANISHVILI, VAKHTANG DATASHVILI, IRMA LOMADZE Course of lectures, subject 12 227 
Addition of Magazine KARLO I.GHURTSKAIA, KARLO K.GHURTSKAIA, TATIA GHURTSKAIA Course of lectures, subject 1 241 
Addition of Magazine  KARLO I. GHURTSKAIA, KARLO K. GHURTSKAIA, TATIA GHURTSKAIA Course of lectures, subject 2 263 
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