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სოციალური ეკომომიკა
სრული შინაარსი 
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AuthorsDescriptionPage Number
GENADI IASHVILI, QETEVAN BETLEMIDZE Small and Medium Business and its prospects for development in Georgia 012 
TAMAZ BAKRADZE Taxation system of Georgia and main directions of its improvement 017 
EKA TADUMADZE Information demand and supply modeling in the market economy 023 
NIKOLOZ FIFIA Elections and finances 028 
KONSTANTIN SULAMANIDZE Determination of adequate strategic approaches in financial-analytical work in Georgian banking system according to the foreign banking experience 031 
RAMAZ OTINASHVILI, VAKHTANG DATASVILI, GIORGI BAGRATIONI Competitiveness – Significant Condition for Business Safety 040 
KONSTANTINE KHMALADZE Establishment of Local Self-Governance avroad and its application to Georgia 044 
KONSTANTIN MEGRELISHVILI Communicating Change in post Soviet countries (In English) 053 
MERAB VANISHVILI, NINO VANISHVILI, DAVIT BIBICHADZE Women’s entrepreneurship, investment and consumer behavior characteristics 061 
GIORGI PHANOZISHVILI labor migration from a post-Soviet countries to Europe 065 
PARMEN LEMONJAVA, TAMAR QAJAIA functioning of socially focused economic models in the conditions of globalization 069 
EDUARD KAVTIDZE standard of living of the population and labor incentives 075 
NATELA JANELIDZE standard of living and minimum wage 079 
EKATERINE KEVLISHVILI Types and Functions of Nonproduction Field 083 
vaxtang daTaSvili, besik TeTvaZe Features of development of the world grocery market and Georgia in the conditions of an agroprotektsionalizm 085 
NINO VANISHVILI Central and local government partnership with the city of ecological safety problem (In Russian) 092 
QETEVAN MUMLADZE Results, reasons and forms of forming of crisis of ecological-economical system of regions 095 
NAIRA GALAKHVARIDZE, QETEVAN MUMLADZE Conceptual aspects of the sustainable development of the region 099 
KARLO GHURTSKAIA, TINATIN GOLADZE Creation of new products, as basis of strategic marketing of the organization 104 
TSATSA JORJIASHVILI. Economical Methods of the Firm Motivation Management 107 
 Banks, Accounting and Audit  
EVGENI BARATASHVILI, MANANA MARIDASHVILI, TAMAR ROSTIASHVILI Technique of technological audit in business 111 
GIORGI SULAMANIDZE Major problems in the assessment of Banking activities and ways of their solving according to the abroad experience 117 
GIVI GAMSAKHURDIA, GIORGI SULAMANIDZE Conceptual approach to the creation and implementation of banking activities evaluation systems 125 
ZURAB CHKHAIDZE, LEVAN QUTATELADZE Optimization of Program-Technical Facilities for Information Protection in Finance and Banking Organization 133 
LEVAN GRIGALASHVILI Some Issues on Improvement of Budget System of Georgia 137 
MUKHRAN QAMADADZE Accounting of fixed assets 141 
SALOME JIBUTI What role should Central Banks play in financial regulation? (In English) 146 
KONDRAT DIMITRISHVILI Inspection of commercial bank credit operations by internal audit 150 
AKAKI GVARUCIDZE The Pole of Venture Capital in innovative business 155 
NATELA MAISURADZE Legal Freedom and Its philosophy - political management 160 
DAVIT KHOBELIA Constitutional Justice 168 
LAMARA QOQIAURI Big acquisition of the Georgian economic literature 171 
SOLOMON PAVLIASHVILI About the book “Zigzags of Inflation In Post-Soviet Georgia” 176 
VLADIMER PAPAVA, ROZETA ASATIANI Research of the Georgian economists drew attention of foreign economists 179 
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